Sunday, January 24, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We may not have ruby red shoes, but we have a life back in NYC which is just as wonderful. Plus, I don't know if red is Ryan's color. He really prefers khaki, green, tan, brown. He should have joined the military. It's just great to be back on the east coast again. I have to remind Ryan that we're not on the boat anymore and people dress a little more stylish on the streets of NYC and he can't go out looking like military man.

I should talk. My first couple of weeks we're spent buying clothes appropriate to wear outside in the winter. Shorts, tanks, bikinis weren't going to cut it anymore. Actually, that is what I had hoped to wear on the boat, but ended up in my foul weather gear and two layers of clothing because it was so damned cold. Either way, neither worked now.

Dogs are adjusted so we can now leave the apartment together which may seem odd considering we're on job sabbaticals and spend just about every waking moment together, but it's not. It's hard to people watch by yourself. If we didn't approach our day as a team, we'd miss so much.

So, what do we do all day? At first, it took us awhile to settle in and retrain our dogs to a land schedule including staying home alone. Given the dogs walk at least 2 1/2 hours a day, we explore Central Park with them as much as possible. Without them, we go to the bookstore to read magazines for free, the MET for art viewing, Wollman Rink for ice skating, and an occasional movie which I've been picking pretty badly lately. Ryan gets next pick - most likely Avatar. We'll go on a weekday afternoon of course to avoid the rush. Friday, we even went to happy hour - EARLY - 2pm. At this age, it meant an early night in for us.

Most recently, we've just been keeping fit which may sound like torture to some, but I love it and well Ryan does too. Core, running, and Bikram yoga. I was initially against Bikram yoga because I'd only done Vinyassa, but Bikram rocks! We've been going everyday. It's addicting!! Traditionalists may not approve because it's not as "spiritual" but we like it for the physical aspect not chanting of which there is none - thank goodness! All that ever did was distract me because I wasn't quite sure what to chant so I chanted like I sing songs I don't know the words to - just distracting for myself and everyone else.

Now that we're burning calories, we can eat as much as we like. We both like eating. So, trying out restaurants and new recipes keeps us busy too. Our favorite vegetable sushi place is Haru and for casual lunch Candle Cafe, nice dinner Candle 79. The jury is out on Chinese and Indian and any other good delivery joints. Hopefully, we'll resolve this soon as we're a jury of 2 unless artisanal bread is involved - then 4 because Sarah and Dillon love bread!

Just finished our Sunday morning bagel ritual. Must run. Dogs are stretching in prep for their afternoon walk.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Found a place that we absolutely love! Upper east side about 10 blocks south of our previous hood. So, really a whole new neighborhood to explore. It took us exactly 1 week to find this apartment and just about 2 days to unpack. Hanging pictures will come later as the building is pre-war 1920's art deco style with plaster walls. Once we get the proper tools, pictures will settle upon these walls.

Sarah is in her element (surprised us she's usually anxious in new situations) strutting ahead of us marking every spot she can on the way into Central Park. Dillon is feeling much better. He has stopped scratching so we're not sure if the meds are just working better, he was allergic to the boat, or allergic to southern states. Either way, dogs are now happier so we're happier!

We all feel healthier. Fresh produce is easier to acquire and we're all back to walking, running, and just plain having fun playing.

It feels great to be home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beginning of NYC Journey

Crashing at Mandy's Dad's place. Arrived Wednesday evening just in time for dinner and for the dogs to dive bomb his bed. They're happy to have terra under their paws.

Spent Thursday scouting out a proper doggie day care. Found one but still reluctantly left our munchkins to go have lunch at Candle Cafe - phenomenal! Plus, Mr. Munson himself (Woody Harrelson) was at the table next to us. Even a non-vegan would love the food and company at this restaurant. Also, check out Woody's website

While we're a big fan of his, we ignored him NY style and let him enjoy his meal and guest in peace.

Friday, walking down in the Village where really cool people hang out, we happened upon a movie set. Trailer opened - "What movie are you filming?" Response - "Wall Street 2" Ryan: "Hey, there's Oliver Stone!" He even pointed at him. Ollie tipped his head forward under his ballcap probably hoping we wouldn't bother him on his lunch break. He relaxed as we turned the corner and left him alone. Now, if had it been Shia LeBeouf, Ryan would've chased him down the street like the Beatles in the 60's.

No apartment as of yet, because we're short 2 jobs and and long 2 dogs. The exact opposite would be much easier. So far, the apartments are a step down from our boat. Tomorrow's a new day with a new price point. Wish us luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 2 of 3

On this "hometown" search via boat, we've come upon some lovely places but always found ourselves comparing these spots to New York City. Our intention was to settle in Florida but upon further due diligence we realized we'd be trading winter for hurricanes, sailing for motoring, and bums for old people.

We decided on winter, sailing, and bums because it's just best to go with what you know. I'm not allowed to complain about winter. And, I won't be I'll be looking forward to all the wonderful northeast spring and summer sailing.

The boat will be put on the hard in Charleston until winter passes. Then, we'll return in April and deliver her north. We're shopping for marinas in the Long Island Sound.

In these four months, we plan on moving back to NYC and will be 2 of those people out on random weekdays of which we always wondered - what do they do?

For those of you who don't know us well, this seems to be out of left field but rest assured when living on a boat with no t.v., intermittent internet, and a pace that moves about as fast as a bicycle, this leaves plenty of time for discussion.

The best part of this plan is we get the best of both worlds - city life and sailing life.

This plan works for all those involved except for the squirrels and pigeons of NYC. Here come Sarah and Dillon!