Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beginning of NYC Journey

Crashing at Mandy's Dad's place. Arrived Wednesday evening just in time for dinner and for the dogs to dive bomb his bed. They're happy to have terra under their paws.

Spent Thursday scouting out a proper doggie day care. Found one but still reluctantly left our munchkins to go have lunch at Candle Cafe - phenomenal! Plus, Mr. Munson himself (Woody Harrelson) was at the table next to us. Even a non-vegan would love the food and company at this restaurant. Also, check out Woody's website

While we're a big fan of his, we ignored him NY style and let him enjoy his meal and guest in peace.

Friday, walking down in the Village where really cool people hang out, we happened upon a movie set. Trailer opened - "What movie are you filming?" Response - "Wall Street 2" Ryan: "Hey, there's Oliver Stone!" He even pointed at him. Ollie tipped his head forward under his ballcap probably hoping we wouldn't bother him on his lunch break. He relaxed as we turned the corner and left him alone. Now, if had it been Shia LeBeouf, Ryan would've chased him down the street like the Beatles in the 60's.

No apartment as of yet, because we're short 2 jobs and and long 2 dogs. The exact opposite would be much easier. So far, the apartments are a step down from our boat. Tomorrow's a new day with a new price point. Wish us luck!