Sunday, November 1, 2009

Georgetown, SC

Thirty mile jaunt turned into a quicker trip with a 2-3 knot current making Prudence go 9.3 knots at one point! This is equivalent to about 130 MPH in a car. No need to check our math. It's true. Prudence now travels faster than I run.

Surprised we made it without any incidents given all the flotsam. Logs, branches, grasses, and trees growing right in our path.

Today's a good day for many reasons. The sun is shining. The rain has stopped. The current was swift. Our dogs are marina happy. Yes, we're at a marina again. Sometimes, it's just easier on all of us.

So far, we anchor 2/3 of the time with the remaining 1/3 spent at some pretty nice places. This is a vacation too after all - as Ryan keeps reminding me. I think we enjoy the marinas so much more because we do without sometimes. It makes us appreciate land amenities like a flush toilet and hot, spacious showers that much more!