Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Found a place that we absolutely love! Upper east side about 10 blocks south of our previous hood. So, really a whole new neighborhood to explore. It took us exactly 1 week to find this apartment and just about 2 days to unpack. Hanging pictures will come later as the building is pre-war 1920's art deco style with plaster walls. Once we get the proper tools, pictures will settle upon these walls.

Sarah is in her element (surprised us she's usually anxious in new situations) strutting ahead of us marking every spot she can on the way into Central Park. Dillon is feeling much better. He has stopped scratching so we're not sure if the meds are just working better, he was allergic to the boat, or allergic to southern states. Either way, dogs are now happier so we're happier!

We all feel healthier. Fresh produce is easier to acquire and we're all back to walking, running, and just plain having fun playing.

It feels great to be home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beginning of NYC Journey

Crashing at Mandy's Dad's place. Arrived Wednesday evening just in time for dinner and for the dogs to dive bomb his bed. They're happy to have terra under their paws.

Spent Thursday scouting out a proper doggie day care. Found one but still reluctantly left our munchkins to go have lunch at Candle Cafe - phenomenal! Plus, Mr. Munson himself (Woody Harrelson) was at the table next to us. Even a non-vegan would love the food and company at this restaurant. Also, check out Woody's website

While we're a big fan of his, we ignored him NY style and let him enjoy his meal and guest in peace.

Friday, walking down in the Village where really cool people hang out, we happened upon a movie set. Trailer opened - "What movie are you filming?" Response - "Wall Street 2" Ryan: "Hey, there's Oliver Stone!" He even pointed at him. Ollie tipped his head forward under his ballcap probably hoping we wouldn't bother him on his lunch break. He relaxed as we turned the corner and left him alone. Now, if had it been Shia LeBeouf, Ryan would've chased him down the street like the Beatles in the 60's.

No apartment as of yet, because we're short 2 jobs and and long 2 dogs. The exact opposite would be much easier. So far, the apartments are a step down from our boat. Tomorrow's a new day with a new price point. Wish us luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 2 of 3

On this "hometown" search via boat, we've come upon some lovely places but always found ourselves comparing these spots to New York City. Our intention was to settle in Florida but upon further due diligence we realized we'd be trading winter for hurricanes, sailing for motoring, and bums for old people.

We decided on winter, sailing, and bums because it's just best to go with what you know. I'm not allowed to complain about winter. And, I won't be I'll be looking forward to all the wonderful northeast spring and summer sailing.

The boat will be put on the hard in Charleston until winter passes. Then, we'll return in April and deliver her north. We're shopping for marinas in the Long Island Sound.

In these four months, we plan on moving back to NYC and will be 2 of those people out on random weekdays of which we always wondered - what do they do?

For those of you who don't know us well, this seems to be out of left field but rest assured when living on a boat with no t.v., intermittent internet, and a pace that moves about as fast as a bicycle, this leaves plenty of time for discussion.

The best part of this plan is we get the best of both worlds - city life and sailing life.

This plan works for all those involved except for the squirrels and pigeons of NYC. Here come Sarah and Dillon!

Beautiful Charleston

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On our way to Charleston

Look familiar Tim/Ashly?

Good thing we didn't
eat them all at once
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

1,000 Mile Celebration

On our way from Georgetown, SC to Charleston, SC we passed through our 1,000 statute mile marker. Woohoo! We have now logged 1,047.755 statue miles.

In celebration of this milestone and the fact that Ryan is still awake and it's past 7 p.m., we plan on painting Charleston red.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Plethora of Our Favorite Things

*Music is the ultimate winner because it takes us back to a particular place in time. It's just like a journal.

But our other favorite things on this trip fall into 4 categories: sailing, activities, appreciate, products.

Strong current astern, well marked channels, visible obstructions, making bridge openings, deep water, calm anchorages, sticky mud for holding, opinion free conversation with other cruisers, meeting other young cruisers, accurate weather forecasts, silent VHF passes perfectly executed, ranges that help line up tricky channels with extensive shoaling, co-pilot assisting with navigating, rising water depth, Boat U.S. gold unlimited tow package, new binoculars, marinas, wind when under sail in just the most ideal direction

Activities (kind of like spotting license plates from different states)
Finding boats from far off areas - Australia, Grand Cayman, England, and not so far off Canada. When we see a boat from Canada, we can’t help singing “My girlfriend, my girlfriend she lives in Canada” (musical Avenue Q - very funny for adults only), free wifi and then look at real estate, update blog and read NYTimes (check out Block-a-Thon by Andy Newman) just our sense of humor (especially liked making the sign - ‘Post No Bills’), Sirius radio (love music and love to sing all songs with my own made up words - this can entertain one for hours), spy nature - pelicans, dolphins, goats, turtles, deer swimming, fish jumping, Spanish moss, hay colored grasses, fireside chat (R lights hurricane lamps with paraffin fluid and we sit and talk about how we’re surprised we still have stuff to talk about

Hot water, spacious showers, block ice, strong pump out stations, sunny days, walking towns, pressure cooker, labeled cycle time and functioning washers/dryers, fresh produce, fresh baked bread, time, sturdy garbage bags, strong paper towels, fuel disposal, seashells, slow passes by motorboats, sleeping dogs, easy to read charts, helpful guidebooks

Ruffles potato chips (Pringles second), Biobags for dogs (they’re made of corn and so will disintegrate even if buried in landfill - the blue biodegradable bags only compost if exposed to sun so they’re no good), Seventh Generation wipes, Amy’s, A’s homemade soup and bread, Indian spice packets, Chili Oil, Hot Sauces (Texas Pete, Sirachi, Green Tabasco, Chiluha), seltzer, boxed wine, French fries, Giovanni peppermint shampoo, Kiss My Face shaving cream, Jason unscented body wash, Alba coconut face wash, Nature’s Gate toothpaste, Near East Rice, Fantastic Sloppy Joes, BioNature jam (no refrigeration necessary), Agave nectar, Planter’s mixed salted nuts, Pacifico vegetable broth sold in individual sizes, McLube

So, back to music...

Don’t stop believing
Hold on to that feelin’’’’’’
One day we’ll see sunnnnnnnnnnnnn

Who doesn’t love Journey?

The sun will come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There’ll be sun

The whackiness goes on but don’t want to share too much this early on!

Motoring the ICW - NOT Sailing :-0

Sailing is a blast when actually under sail - main/jib hoisted, wind just right - even better when the sun is shining - Oh, what a beautiful feeling…

When motoring like we are on the ICW, it’s a bit more like a never ending road trip without any pit stops. Mind you, as anyone close to us knows, we enjoy a good road trip. But on this trip, we’re in a convertible exposed to rain and wind.

We feel like we’re delivering Prudence south rather than sailing her. It will be a ceremonious occasion when we are once again sailing.

Now, we’re not complaining (too much), it beats work and the scenery is stunning in most places.

And the conversation…well, let’s just call it quirky. Just like on a road trip (without music playing b/c we must monitor radio), random thoughts appear in one’s head. We’re the kind of people who share those whacky thoughts at least with each other. Thought I’d share some with you as it’s rare I let people see this side of me.

So, the morning starts out with drizzle and 50 degrees. Cloudy. I can’t help but sing - Rain drops keep falling on my head. That turns into Raindrops on roses and whiskers on “dogs”. Which leads me into a couple activity - make a list of our favorite things.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Potato Salad

by Mark Bittman of the NYTimes

Delicious! Definitely a make it again. Try it out :+)

Sweet Potatoes
Red Onions
Black Beans
Olive Oil

Something just isn't right

What's wrong with this picture?

Where are we?
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Butler Island Views

Spanish Moss

Spooky Tree
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Georgetown, SC

Thirty mile jaunt turned into a quicker trip with a 2-3 knot current making Prudence go 9.3 knots at one point! This is equivalent to about 130 MPH in a car. No need to check our math. It's true. Prudence now travels faster than I run.

Surprised we made it without any incidents given all the flotsam. Logs, branches, grasses, and trees growing right in our path.

Today's a good day for many reasons. The sun is shining. The rain has stopped. The current was swift. Our dogs are marina happy. Yes, we're at a marina again. Sometimes, it's just easier on all of us.

So far, we anchor 2/3 of the time with the remaining 1/3 spent at some pretty nice places. This is a vacation too after all - as Ryan keeps reminding me. I think we enjoy the marinas so much more because we do without sometimes. It makes us appreciate land amenities like a flush toilet and hot, spacious showers that much more!