Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Found a place that we absolutely love! Upper east side about 10 blocks south of our previous hood. So, really a whole new neighborhood to explore. It took us exactly 1 week to find this apartment and just about 2 days to unpack. Hanging pictures will come later as the building is pre-war 1920's art deco style with plaster walls. Once we get the proper tools, pictures will settle upon these walls.

Sarah is in her element (surprised us she's usually anxious in new situations) strutting ahead of us marking every spot she can on the way into Central Park. Dillon is feeling much better. He has stopped scratching so we're not sure if the meds are just working better, he was allergic to the boat, or allergic to southern states. Either way, dogs are now happier so we're happier!

We all feel healthier. Fresh produce is easier to acquire and we're all back to walking, running, and just plain having fun playing.

It feels great to be home.