Monday, November 2, 2009

Motoring the ICW - NOT Sailing :-0

Sailing is a blast when actually under sail - main/jib hoisted, wind just right - even better when the sun is shining - Oh, what a beautiful feeling…

When motoring like we are on the ICW, it’s a bit more like a never ending road trip without any pit stops. Mind you, as anyone close to us knows, we enjoy a good road trip. But on this trip, we’re in a convertible exposed to rain and wind.

We feel like we’re delivering Prudence south rather than sailing her. It will be a ceremonious occasion when we are once again sailing.

Now, we’re not complaining (too much), it beats work and the scenery is stunning in most places.

And the conversation…well, let’s just call it quirky. Just like on a road trip (without music playing b/c we must monitor radio), random thoughts appear in one’s head. We’re the kind of people who share those whacky thoughts at least with each other. Thought I’d share some with you as it’s rare I let people see this side of me.

So, the morning starts out with drizzle and 50 degrees. Cloudy. I can’t help but sing - Rain drops keep falling on my head. That turns into Raindrops on roses and whiskers on “dogs”. Which leads me into a couple activity - make a list of our favorite things.