Monday, October 5, 2009

Cape Charles, VA

Central Park of Cape Charles - such fond memories. Much smaller than NY's version and sans the Sunday morning coffee, bagel, NYTimes, and people watching.

Everyone waves from cars going both directions, from golf carts, bicycles, and even wheelchairs.

Cruising advice is plentiful and free while beer and ice are not!

Sarah thinks the cockpit and down below are not connected. If she's downstairs and we start the engine, she frantically yelps and jumps to get outside so she's not left behind.

Pina Coladas on the rocks are just as good when sitting on a sailboat.

Chili oil makes asian dishes just so yum!

Chopsticks have more than one use. Perfect for stirring coffee in the French Press.

When Ryan forcefully jabs his hand to the right while pulling anchor so I'll turn right, he is not yelling at me.

Sarah will not walk on teak grates. She's like a cat walking the perimeter of the boat.

Toilet paper will roll into the toilet if you leave it on the bathroom counter just as a wave broadsides Prudence.

Wine bottles make perfect rolling pins.

When sails balanced, steering is a breeze.

Ryan has taken to calling Mandy "Granny Smith" just because she wants to be catious and not fall in the water when entering and exiting the dinghy. He even says "Come on Granny" in what he calls the Aunt Jemima syrup voice.

Naples, FL condo prices are down A LOT! - tempting

When people are bah humbugs, we simply squeeze into the conversation R's previous job - either they don't understand the jargon or think he's to blame for the poor economy. Either way, it shuts them up. If only Ryan knew he was Ruler of the Economy, yielding such power, he would've kept that job.

Poverty is everywhere once you leave Main Street.

Don't worry Mandy is ok, but...

One should not dance or rather jiggle their hips pretending to dance as they climb down below. She slipped from the top, cracking her head and back up pretty bad. The lump on her head formed before her butt even hit the floor.

Because of Natasha Richardson, we had to stay up late and monitor the situation. This is hard to do on a boat because the weather was rough, so she felt naseaus. We just don't know from what.

What we do know is she groaned like the grape stomping YouTube lady and surprisingly Ryan was able to hold in his laughter until he was sure she was alive. If you don't know this video, Google it. It's worth a look.