Friday, October 16, 2009

Full Throttle and Cross Dressing

Well, not exactly. While Full Throttle fixed us up real good here in Norfolk, the weather is not cooperating. When it does, we will finally be able to take advantage of our newly balanced propeller, shaft - can you dig it?, and coupler. Ryan and Stuart, our designated contact since we lost gears last weekend due to a sheared off prop shaft, took Prudence out for a test drive in the POURING rain yesterday. The dogs and I waited ashore, soaking up all the fresh water we’d ever want. Regretfully, we had only donned our light foul weather gear.

5:30 am Friday morning - listened to weather seated at the nav station while shivering under the dog’s fleece blanket - the only thing I could actually pry out of the bed this morning. Ryan and the dogs arose only due to nature’s calling. It didn’t take us long to decide to stay another 3 days! 50 degrees with high of 55, rain, flooding (fixed docks covered by 7am), 20 knots, doesn’t sound like vacation to us. Luckily, we’re in a marina making it much easier for Sarah and Dillon.

Plan: Read, Change Oil, Quilt, Play Guitar, Wrestle Dillon, Belly Rub Sarah, Eat Crepes for Breakfast, Sing our hearts out to Sirius, then bon voyage Monday once the low pressure passes us and 70 degrees and sun may just grace our faces.

Aside: I didn’t mention this earlier and should’ve because it’s beginning to become a pattern. Our first rainy season in the Wye River region, I put on my foul weather pants only to find them to be quite large. Looking over at Ryan already dressed, I wondered. Hmm? If anything, I’ve gained weight on this trip not lost. He said, “What’s the problem?” “I think you’re wearing my clothes, that’s the problem,” I laughingly replied. I thought - if he thinks he can just start wearing my clothes because he’s skinny - well…Amazingly, the pants fit him, snuggly, but still. Then, again today, he puts on my heavy duty foul weather jacket. That too fit sans the super short arms and the fact that he most likely would bust the zipper if fully enclosed. I can’t afford to share my clothing with him given the limited amount I stowed on board. I must break him of this cross dressing habit.