Saturday, October 24, 2009

On route to mile marker 135

Firsts for US

  • Swarmed by mosquitoes - more than ever seen before (hid down below)
  • Dillon (always hot) shivering it’s so cold - had to make him stay down below to warm up
  • Passed by motorboat (we throttle down and so do they when they reach our stern for less wake)
  • Boats on ICW mimic a slow parade
  • VHF used TOO much
  • Sighted Bald Eagle in tree
  • Stars and Bars everywhere (not just one)
  • Southern accent thick
  • Pod of dolphins surfed our stern waves
  • Pitch black night in Belhaven Harbor dinghying ashore with dogs - R hit stump? and chipped our outboard propeller. An appropriate wife response per Ryan, (A) “We’re o.k.” - (B) “Are you o.k.?” - (C) “The boats o.k.” I went with (D) “Oh, F---!”