Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Day Sail, Stormy Eventful Evening

All fixed up so took her out for a sea trial late morning to avoid predicted afternoon thunderstorms. Back by 1pm without a hitch but melting in the 100F humid weather. Threw the dogs and us in the a/c rental car to run last minute errands before our Thursday departure. On deck, showered and having cocktails by 5pm. What a great day!

As a special treat, Ryan offers to take dogs for a quick walk while I relax reading a magazine. Splash! All on deck except for Dillon and Ryan. Yup. Dog overboard so human overboard. Dillon sunk like a ton of bricks but luckily Ryan managed to scoop him up. Of course, this meant Ryan jumping into 10ft. of water, a 4ft. drop from the dock. Did I mention we're currently docked in Back Creek referred to by locals as Bacteria Creek! Rinse Dillon. Hand Ryan shower gear and new outfit. Up to screened in gazebo for cards and dry out period.

Wow, that afternoon thunderstorm never hit us. Just then, a dark cloud just to our port drew nearer. We sat there and discussed how we thought it would pass. No line of reasoning could support such a conclusion. This dark cloud spurting out streaks of lightning covered a mass all the way to the horizon and obviously was coming right at us rain, thunder, strikes and all. Our only excuse was we hoped it would pass. No such luck. I stayed with dogs while Ryan ran to close hatches and put in screens. Storm grew worse. Ryan ran back to put in doors and take out screens. I called him on cell to tell him storm escalating, soaked in gazebo with dogs, bring rental car keys! The night progressed similarly with Ryan having to keep returning to the boat. On his final return to the car, he's wearing his foul weather gear. I couldn't help but laugh - "Why are you wearing that now when you're all wet underneath!"

Inside now with semi-wet dogs. Still plan on departing Thursday without the security of the gazebo and rental car :-)