Sunday, August 16, 2009

Key fixed, engine aligned, Sarah broken, Dillon Itches

Engine is up and running. Phew! That's how we get from place to place. We don't need no stinking sails.

Sarah limping this morning. good thing we have a rental car so we can go to the 24 hour vet clinic and have them tell us she may have hurt it but don't worry. This cost us the equivalent of 32 months of ice! But , we brought Dillon along as he was scratching a lot and they gave him some drugs to combat it. Too hot here for huskie mutts I guess. Amanda says we still love them. I am not so sure.

Had drinks for the first time with our boat neighbors, Judy and Nancy. They served Landshark beer. Good and Cheap. They have a refrigerator so I may sneak on their boat tonight and go to sleep in it! It is about 100 degrees and 121% humidity. Swampy.

boat chores coming along. We change the hailing port tomorrow. she is documented out of annapolis so on paper, we will look like we know what we're doing.

Every chore brings 2 more chores and as of tomorrow we are without a car so hopefully we can walk where we need to go.

we can always Dinghy to Davis' Pub.

Haven't seen any Mid Shipman from the Academy but I know they're out there. I am jealous that I didn't even try to go there. I don't think they would let me perfect my shot-gun drinking skills as I did at Lehigh. Such is life.

Amanda is the best cook in the world. She has been working her magic with the pressure cooker to make sure it isn't too hot down below. I've been putting Old Bay Seasoning on my toothpaste. That stuff is great.