Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello from rain land

We are vindicated with our decision to sit tight today. Since our decision to stay put, it has been beautiful here. kind of a kick in the pants but we decided it is better to expect bad weather and get good weather than the opposite. Either way, it's pouring now so we win.

We serviced the winches (just like cleaning a gun I would assume) and amanda gets VIP by cleaning the head top to bottom. She won't talk about it, like a vietnam vet. She has the 1000 yard stare.

Another lesson learned is not to cook when you have the whole boat closed up. It is a bit condensated in here.

I went to a Head Repair Class today at West Marine and feel confident that I can tackle that job when/if it comes up. Funny note, people suggest you do it naked as you won't want any clothes you had on anywhere near you when you're done. If not naked, they suggest the full painter outfit. It is 199 degrees here so that isn't an option.

Our blog posts will most likely become a bit more spotty starting tomorrow as we head up to Magothy river tomorrow. Then off to Rock Hall, then up the Chester river to check out Chestertown. Gonna weather Labor day in Gailesville and then work our way to the Eastern Shore after Labor day. We are being cautious with crowds as our anchoring skills are a tad unproven as of yet.

That's the back of the napkin version. More posts soon.