Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mud and Spiders and warm beers

Hello all. We are tucked into another anchorage for the evening and currently stealing this wireless connection from one of the fancy mansions we are anchored within!

That said, amongst fancy mansions, there is no real place to bring your dogs for a "doggie break" except the low tide, spidery, mucky shores. The dogs don't even want to go there.

The "warm beer" portion of the title is because when it is 100 degrees, and you have to dinghy a mile to shore, walk 2 miles and pick up ice, it is nothing but water when you get back. Terrible cycle, so I am currently without my daily cold cold coors light. I tried to build a net for it and submerge to the cooler water (water temp as per our machine is 89 degrees) but all that did was get me warm, salty, slightly muddy beer. I'll pass.

The view is really nice though. We swim every night so far as it is still hot. We've got our eye on Tropical Storm Danny, but the VHF radio takes some getting used to so if you hear that it is headed towards us, feel free to call as we rarely get internet access and the first I heard of it on the VHF was today.

Dogs are great. Amanda too. We will give a full review of the week once we are in St. Michaels, which we excpect to be arriving on Sunday.

Our sail today was fun but not really windy. We rounded Thomas Point Lighthouse, which is a screwpile lighthouse for those who care. Very nice, but it is tough to take nice pictures as you are staring at an unfamiliar shore and wondering what kind of dangers the lighthouse is warning you from!