Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello, quick recap...

Hello, we invited you guys to this blog. Please let us know if you hear from someone that we inadvertantly left off..

so far, here is a recap of our "sabatical"

We have moved out of the hotels, and into the boat full time for the last week. Weather has been HOT, very hot. We've been doing a lot more boat chores than we expected but so far so good.

Our biggest adventure thus far was our first anchorage a few days ago. When we went to put the boat in reverse to back the anchor down......no reverse. No forward! Only a gut wrenching screech coming from below. No worries, just turn on the Anchor lite and ride it out. NO Anchor light! That's ok, the weather seems to be holding up. (fast forward 2 hours) Torrential downpours with lots of lightning.

So, needless to say, we needed the transmission key that was sheered off somewhere along this day. We have people fixing it and is seems somewhat common, but scary none the less. The best part was our "tow of shame" when BOAT US towed us in and we missed our slip so we had to get towed back up the creek, for every tsk tsk boat owner to see. Live and learn.

Dogs are doing great. They rule the dock thus far. Dillon runs away from me and stays up on the deck full time. Sarah is a bit more cautious but still seems to be enjoying it.

The meals, thanks to galley slave Mandy, have been great. We are fairly certain this kitchen is bigger than most of our NYC kitchens.

That's it. We'll keep you posted.