Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Galley Wench Rants 'n Raves

Out on the high seas all is well until galley supplies run low. As galley wench, I must be creative and quite frankly feel like I’m trying to shop out in the middle of the ocean. I’ll begin with my rants since bad news first is always the way I like to take it.

Living in cities like NY and Chicago have spoiled me and made me naïve about the availability of veg and ethnic foods. Forget tofu and anything else people out their think is foreign. I can’t find soy milk! St. Michael’s had large containers covered with dust on a tippy top shelf you’d need a ladder to get. After having an employee grab me one, I quickly declined - expiration near. For those who don’t know, that’s just plain weird. Soy in aseptic containers lasts practically forever. We like the little boxes since ice on board is sometimes nonexistent.

Sailboats tend to have the galley somewhat central as is the diesel engine. If we buy blocks of ice prior to a trip that results in no wind and have to run the engine, it melts all the ice.

Now, for other items I’m not used to living without. Fresh fruits and vegetables. I know it’s not the season for leafy greens, but I want them. I’m willing to pay a premium, top dollar! There is just so much I can make with carrots, potatoes, and onions. Sometimes, I find a cucumber or wilted pepper. Lettuce is iceberg and slightly browned. Canned soups work, but we eat Amy’s and are down to 3. Agave nectar and large bottles of extra virgin olive oil are also not staples in every small town. Forget about udon noodles. Bread - we love it but can’t find any veg friendly. I like baking; however, bread recipes usually need soy.

My mom looked up a recipe for me online. It called for coconut water. I actually had that on board care of Annapolis staple still remaining. The Giant by Port Annapolis was easy to shop in. I was last there about 1 month ago. Alright, enough ranting on to raves.

My pressure cooker is awesome. Makes beans and rice in a snap. Can’t believe I ever lived without one. The oven on board works splendidly, bakes evenly. French Press. Best coffee ever. That’s Ryan’s job. Bean soaker canister - leak free so I can soak beans all day while sailing and not a drop spills. Nets Ryan made for me hold produce well when we have them. Stackable camping cookware doesn’t make a peep. Cast iron skillet. I can cook almost anything in there even that upside down peach cake. Eating prepared food in cockpit with a fabulous view - priceless!