Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knapps Narrows, Oxford, Cambridge

Knapps Narrows, Tilghman Island
One night stay. Not so bad going through Narrows. However, R4 no good. Kept it to right as indicated on charts; yet, still glided through a 4 foot sand bar. We draw 4’ 11”. Thank goodness for soft gooey sand.

It’s a beautiful town with lots of public access to water views and strolling beaches. Less commercial than Saint Michaels. Guide book stated that anchoring was not wise, but we anchored fine out on The Strand in calm weather. We think maybe some towns have the guide books in their pockets and use them just to promote marinas. Took a self-guided walking tour and found the history of Oxford quite interesting. Saw a cottonmouth snake sunbathing in the rocks and Mandy exclaimed that she’d rather swim in salt water with sharks than fresh water with snakes especially poisonous snakes!

When you can dock at a bulkhead for free for 2 whole days and there is actually space, do not do it. Spent one evening plotting out our escape 40 miles southwest to Solomon Islands. Plan is to depart at sunrise.