Thursday, September 17, 2009

Solomons, MD

Longest Sea Trip Yet (42.5 miles)

Departed Cambridge, MD around 7am and arrived at the Solomon Islands entrance around 4pm. Our anchoring was slightly delayed by a boarding and not by aliens - the U.S. Coast Guard. How exciting? Very exciting!

They approached our stern and said, “Captain, please throttle down so that we may come aside.” Then, they explained the boarding procedure since we’ve never been boarded. Our barking dogs did not deter them. Once aboard, Sarah and Dillon settled right down in their way. Dillon especially warmed up to one guy, resting his head upon the gun strapped to his leg. Ryan was equally impressed asking questions about their boat and the mount on the bow used to hold a 50 caliber. I don’t know where he learns this terminology. I bet Ryan wishes he could be in the Coast Guard, but I think he’s too old!!!

The Coast Guard was not the only exciting part of the trip. We found fresh veggies and more at Woodburn’s Gourmet Market. The market is stocked like a Whole Foods. All our veg friendly foods even the refrigerated items. We’ve decided to stay through the weekend, keep large quantities of ice, and eat cold food daily. So far, we like the neighborhood and can’t wait to check it out further.

Even better, my cousin Lindsay is about 1 ½ hours away. Third year med student with an exam on Friday but a free weekend. What perfect timing. She will be coming for a visit on Saturday along with her boyfriend. Hopefully, we’ll all have nice weather to stroll around in and hang out on the water.