Friday, September 25, 2009

Reflections on Cruisers

About 50% of the cruisers we’ve met thus far are quite interesting people to converse with while the rest are…

Downright strange!

I’m fairly certain cruising the eastern coast of the U.S. lends few opportunities for hunting rhinoceros. Yet, some people coming ashore are decked out in safari gear loaded down as if they’re going on a week-long trek through the desert or jungle.

They remind me of runners; of course, runners in a very loose sense. Yes, they are out running and are sporting the running shorts, tank, and expertly fitted Fleet footwear. However, they are not out to complete a marathon, but that doesn’t deter them from carrying about 1,000 calories worth of bars and liquids on their body.

Granted, when we’re out sailing or if it‘s pouring rain, we don’t always look so spiffy. When we go ashore, we make ourselves look presentable. We do carry a backpack because we have two dogs in tow that need water when it’s hot, but we look more like college kids which I think is a much better fashion statement for the east coast of the U.S.

Currently, we’re in St. Mary’s, a college town. So, our backpack fits in but not necessarily us. We are so young but everyone here is just so much younger and dressed apparently more hip than us. It’s great here. Everyone is energetic and full of high expectations without too many serious commitments to worry about - yet. Ryan and I are enjoying the occasional ease dropping so much that we may just return to college. Then, we too can discuss who is better looking or “I put down 1*10e-9. What did you put?” It’s not all just fun and games here.

If we decide to go back though, it will be to pursue further leisure activities outside the student center in the beautifully brick lined courtyard and discuss philosophy so that we can both be correct all the time. It would just be splendid! Plus, we’d get to ride bikes to class. Ryan misses his road bike.

We can’t wait to meet more cruisers, all kinds.