Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wye River - Dividing Creek

Left St. Michael's and spent 4 days exploring trails in Wye River. Well, 3 days + 1 day of rain resulting in quick messy walks, naps below, bread baking, and book reading. An all around splendid time. Even the windy storms were exciting, saw 37 knots. Prudence held well.

Wye River is a wonderful place to visit. Natural, protected and full of interesting trails easy enough to walk with dogs. Sarah turned into her old feral self while Dillon cautiously acclimated behind Sarah jumping everytime a blade of grass blew into his leg. Both dogs were distracted by the grasshoppers and crickets.

Things we saw in Wye
3 fox
1 dead snake
2 live long black snakes slithering away from us into the tall grass
1 dead mole
lots of scat (Mandy has been obsessed with photographing scat ever since the National Parks trip we took back in August 2007.)
1 eagle
lots of osprey and vultures
1 falcon - we think
300 year old Holly
soy and corn fields
leaves changing
deer tracks
beautiful trees whose limbs looked like long fingers
berries galore

Saturday 9/12 Pit stop to Oxford - Knapps Narrows Marina
Our first stay in a marina so we could check out Tilghman Island. Oldest skipjack here but away from slip. Took picture of sign. Tilghman...watermen, motor boats, loud trucks, cigar smoke, serene water views on opposite side of marina, good french fries, long hot clean showers, inexpensive, wifi, right next to Knapps Narrows bridge to easy departure to Oxford for a couple of days.