Monday, September 7, 2009

St. Mikes

Miles River (off to the Knapps Narrows and then Oxford)

Been here 9 days, time to shove off. Love this anchorage. Perfect for walking dogs, walking us around a pleasant historical/marine town, and a short spit of sandy beach where the dogs like to look for snakes. We’re thankful none were found. Plus, it was Labor Day weekend - great for watching other people anchor and dock from the comfort of our own cockpit.

Memories…all alone in the moonlight
*Sirius station tuned to love, coffee house, margaritaville, and classic vinyl but still can’t seem to get those catchy love songs out of our heads

*Ryan’s dad came to visit our first Monday. It also happened to be the same day port water tank ran dry.

*Wine tasting with dogs inside (very dog friendly) - bought Long Splice

*Playing guitar, quilting, reading, chit-chatting lots of it still but more geared towards boat items in particular that darn head which needs to be used and maintained daily

*Local Brewery beer tasting again inside with dogs especially liked the black cherry - sounds weird but tasty.

*25 cent soda machine

*Browsed $1 library books - Carl Hiassen and James Mitchener

*Farmer’s market

What we learned
*No such thing as a quick run or hop when sailing. Plotted trip down to Lake Worth, Fl (possibly arriving 12/8) where we’ll wait for a crossing to the Bahamas. Mandy now has to stop using phrases like just a run up to Nantucket and a hop over to the Bahamas once back in FL. What a newbie!

*Joker valve needs to be replaced and should definitely be done at dock by Ryan. And no it's not going to be a funny project.

*How to make hush puppies, crepes, and peach cake.

*Starboard water tank leaking - huh - only water tank left which ran dry right after we reanchored Friday. We bought ACME out of water - 4 gallons at a time. Ryan fixed problem with handy y-valve spare onboard.

*Approved for CIGNA personal health insurance - woohoo - quite a savings from COBRA. On to Europe maybe :-)

*McCormick bacon bits are vegan. Ryan is now brushing his teeth with them.

*Laundry takes an entire day.